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Rep. Ward gives his undying speech of funding Native Hawaiian homelands. Mid-way, Speaker Souki calls out for Rep. Ward to be thrown off the floor.

Death knell of Hawaii’s tax payer refunds.

Rep. Ward honors Earth Day in the House by extending the invitation to join the 8th annual Ka Iwi Clean Up.

Rep. Ward opposes firearm Senate bill that violates Federal law.

Rep. Ward addresses the empty heads of the House that pass the empty bill.

April 5, 2016 – Commending Livable Hawaii Kai Hui & Ka Iwi Coast on the House floor.

Explaining the ‘What’ behind the ‘Why’ Rep. Ward voted “No” on the State Budget.

Rep. Ward honors Kuhio Day by urging his colleagues to revere Hawaiian ancestry and preserve its rich culture by removing the parking lot at Iolani Palace.

March 22, 2016 – Rep. Ward’s deepest condolences go out to those affected by the Brussels attacks and he continues to pray for the world leaders who must act with strength and decisiveness in the wake of terrorism. He offers a moment of silence on the floor.

“Solar on every roof, batteries under every house” is the mantra of Rep. Ward’s office. He supports the energy bill relating to battery backup installments.

Rep. Ward supports and honors the Bicycling League.

Rep. Ward’s Spitting Caves resolution, HR138.

March 14 – Rep. Ward opposes movie tax credit of its reverse effect.

Great Lawn alert!

Rep. Ward defends the Hawaiians in his floor speech.

Rep. Ward speaks out for justice of the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands court ruling.

March 1, 2016 is National Peace Corps Day. It also marks Peace Corps 55th birthday! Rep. Ward shares about his time of service as a volunteer.

Rep. Ward speaks out about the Hawaiian homeless issue. Give justice where justice is due.

Rep. Ward addresses HB1673 relating to health, which establishes licensing requirements for suppliers of durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics, and related supplies.

Rep. Ward addresses HB 2473 regarding penalties for wage laws. Rep. Ward addresses HB 2473 on the floor of the Hawaii House of Representatives, affirming the need for enforcement of employers compensating their employees in a timely manner, but finding the increase in penalty from the current $25 to the proposed $1,000 extreme.

Representatives Gene Ward, Andria Tupola, Bob McDermott and Senator Sam Slom address issues of Hawaiian Home Lands, state infrastructure and good governance after the State of the State on January 25, 2016.

Representative Gene Ward questions Department of Agriculture.

Representative Gene Ward addresses concerns for Kahoʻolawe Island.

Representative Gene Ward asks, “Did you ever wonder why there so many native Hawaiians in the homeless population, which is becoming a crisis?”
Rep. Ward expands his comments on the funding to the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands.

Representative Gene Ward questions the Attorney General in budget briefings on January 5, 2016.

Representative Gene Ward addresses funding to the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands (DHHL).

Representative Gene Ward questions $4 million request Ways and Means on January 4, 2016.

“A Word with Ward” Hosted by Representative Gene Ward with special guests from Shield Law December 2015.

Representative Gene Ward, Ph.D. spoke with Dr. Emogene Yoshimura of the Koko Crater Equestrian Center.

Representative Ward address a House Concurrent Resolution to strongly oppose the U.S. Army’s proposed force reduction of Schofield Barracks and Fort Shafter Bases.
Rep. Ward Addresses the State Budget

Report Title:  State budget. ($)
Description:  Adjusts appropriations for fiscal biennium 2013-2015 operating and capital budgets of executive branch agencies and programs. (CD1)

Rep. Ward Addresses SB2196

Report Title:  Energy; Energy Systems Development Special Fund
Description:  Re-establishes the energy systems development special fund, which was repealed. Extends the repeal of various allocations of the environmental response, energy, and food security tax from 2015 to 2030. (CD1)
Rep. Ward Speaks Out for Hawaii’s Lifeguards
Report Title: Liability; County Lifeguards
Description: Extends the sunset date that exempts county lifeguards from liability for any civil damages resulting from any act or omission within the scope of employment as a county lifeguard. (SD2)


Sister-state Agreement Links Bali and Hawaii

Governor Abercrombie signed the Bali-Hawaii Sister State Initiative on April 14th 2014. Present at the signing ceremony included state legislators, members of the Hawaii-Indonesia Chamber of Commerce (HICHAM), Hawaii Sister State Commission, military, and foreign consulates. Speakers included Governor Abercrombie, Indonesian Consul General Hadi Martono (from the Los Angeles Consulate), and Denise Konan (representing President Barack Obama’s sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng).

“Tak kanal maka tak sayang,” Representative Ward quoted an Indonesian proverb signifying that Bali and Hawaii now know each other and are now affectionately bonded together.

“The two most beautiful places on earth are now Sister States,” Ward concluded.

Mike Buck Show with Rep. Ward
Mike Buck and representative Gene Ward discuss homeless, signing ceremony of our sister state Bali and other issues concerning the legislature.

Rep Ward Addresses SB 2920 – Little Fire Ants

Report Title:  Little Fire Ants; Pilot Project; Appropriation ($)
Description:  Establishes and appropriates funds for a little fire ant pilot project, canine detection team pilot project, and public awareness and education campaign to address the little fire ant threat in Hawaii. Effective 7/1/2014. (HD1)

Rep. Ward Addresses SB 2609 –  Minimum Wage  

Report Title:  Labor; Minimum Wage; Tip Credit
Description:  Increases minimum wage rate to $7.75 per hour beginning on 1/1/15, $8.50 per hour beginning on 1/1/16, $9.25 per hour beginning on 1/1/17, and $10.00 per hour beginning on 1/1/18. Increases the tip credit to 50 cents per hour beginning on 1/1/15, and 75 cents per hour beginning on 1/1/16; provided that beginning 1/1/15, the combined amount the employee receives in wages and tips is at least $7 more than the applicable minimum wage.

Rep. Ward Addresses SB 2121 – Public Land Exchange

Report Title:  Public Land Exchange; Legislative Approval
Description:  Amends the legislative approval requirement for any exchange of public land for private land to require a majority vote in both houses. (SB3121 HD1)

Reps. Ward, Thieien and Souki Addresses Aerial Systems

Report Title:  Public Safety; Unmanned Aerial Systems; Test Site; Appropriation ($)
Description:  Establishes the Hawaii unmanned aerial systems test site chief operating officer position to, among other things, serve on the Pan-Pacific Unmanned Aerial Systems Test Range Complex management team. Establishes an advisory board to oversee and manage unmanned aerial systems test site operations. Appropriates funds to staff and operate Hawaii’s unmanned aerial systems test site activities. Effective July 1, 2050.

 Rep. Ward Addresses SB2583 Space Center  

Report Title:  Pacific International Space Center for Exploration Systems; National Aeronautics and Space Administration; Laser Communications Ground Station Initiative; Appropriation ($)
Description:  Appropriates funds for an engineering assessment of a proposal to establish a laser optical communications ground station in Hawaii. (SB2583 HD1)

A Word With Ward-Maunalua-Makapu’u Scenic Byway

Representative Gene Ward, Ph.D. discusses the scenic byway with Greg Knudsen
chairperson of the Hawaii Kai Neighborhood Board. Knudsen is also the coordinator for the Maunalua-Makapu’u Scenic Byway project under the sponsorship of the Ka Iwi Coalition, which is part of the Livable Hawaii Kai Hui.

 Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico lawmakers discuss the Jones Act

Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico lawmakers say the U.S. ship build requirement of the Jones Act is a major contributor to the high cost of living in their locations and they want the U.S. Congress to remove this burden.
The list of participants at the press conference today included:
Hawaii: Senator Sam Slom (R); Representative Gene Ward (R); Representative Cindy Evans (D).
Alaska: Senator Fred Dyson (R) – talking; Senator John Coghill (R) — Majority Leader — participated for a short time but needed to leave prior to speaking.
Commonwealth of Puerto Rico: Senator Rossana Lopez Leon — Majority Whip
Other speakers: Michael N. Hansen, President, Hawaii Shippers Council; Cliff Slater, Independent Transportation/Trucking/Railroad Professional

 Rep. Gene Ward Addresses HB 2341 Electronic Filing and Payment

Report Title:  Taxation; Electronic Filing and Payment of Taxes
Description:  Reduces the threshold amount for electronic fund transfers of taxes.

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