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Honolulu Star-Advertiser: “Millions needed to beef up state’s emergency preparedness, report finds” 21 February 2018.

 Sky News: “Trump visits Hawaii as islands prepare against potential North Korea nuclear threat” 3 November 2017.

Hawaii Free Press: “North Korea Disaster Preparedness” 25 October 2017.

Voice of America Interview: Gene Ward, [Hawaii State Assembly Member] “If you shoot a North Korean missile, it will take up to 15 minutes. 18 October 2017. (Korean Version).

KTVQ: University of Hawaii’s ominous subject line: “In the event of a nuclear attack” 9 October 2017.

Stock News: Hawaii, urged to prepare in case North Korea initiates a nuclear attack 28 September 2017.

Independent: “North Korea: Hawaii residents told to prepare for nuclear attack as tensions reach new high” 26 September 2017.

Fox Business News: “North Korea says it can shoot down US bombers in international airspace” 25 September 2017.

Hawaii Free Press: “Hawaii v Trump V2 – A $150,000 Photo Op” 10 March 2017

KITV 4 NEWS: “Lawmaker calls for increased security at Hawaii State Capitol” 3 March 2017

KITV 4 NEWS: “Lawmaker proposing urine free zones” 6 February 2017

Honolulu Star Advertiser: “Government should not reward incompetence at Office of Elections” Guest Op-Ed with Senator Slom. 16 July 2016.

Honolulu Star Advertiser: “HECO endangering itself by foot-dragging on solar power” Guest Column. 27 November 2014.

Hawaii News Now: “City films warning message about Spitting Caves” by Lisa Kubota. 9 June 2014.

KHON2: “Apparent drowning highlights safety concerns at ‘Spitting Caves'” by Sarah Yoro. 6 April 2014.

Hawaii News Now: “On eve of carnival, Hawaii Kai residents voice concerns” by Ben Gutierrez. 13 March 2014.

KHON2: Upcoming Hawaii Kai carnival raises money, controversy” by Kirk Matthews. 5 March 2014.

KHON2: “Hawaii may soon become hub for drones” by Tammy Mori. 28 September 2013.

KITV News: “Many hikers still not deterred despite posted violations at Mariner’s Ridge trail” by Lara Yamada. 22 April 2013.

Hawaii Reporter: “Lawmakers Ask City Council Members to Stop Development on Hawaii Kai Preservation Land” by Hawaii Reporter. 18 April 2013.

Hawaii News Now: “Jurisdictional issues stall Maunalua Bay restroom repairs” by Mark Carpenter. 14 April 2013.

Hawaii News Now: “The future of the Kalama Village Center” by Rick Daysog. 29 March 2013.

Pacific Business News: “Group of Hawaii lawmakers wants limited Jones Act exemption” by Staff. 25 March 2013.

Honolulu Star-Advertiser: “Bipartisan group seeks limited exemption from Jones Act” by Andrew Gomes. 23 March 2013.

Pacific News Center: “Hawaii Resolutions Call for Same Jones Act Exemption that Guam Now Has” by Kevin Kerrigan. 23 March 2013.

American Shipper: “Hawaii legislators seek exemption from Jones Act’s build requirement” 22 March 2013.

Hawaii Reporter: “At Legislative Town Hall, East Oahu Residents Express Outrage Over Proposed Commercial Development on Preservation Land” by Malia Zimmerman. 22 March 2013.

Hawaii News Now: “Hawaii Kai residents hear plans calling for development on ‘Great Lawn'” by Mark Carpenter. 21 March 2013.

KITV4: “Hawaii Kai residents discuss development at heated meeting” by Justin Fujioka. 21 March 2013.

Honolulu Star-Advertiser: “‘Made in Hawaii’ labeling tiff now involving brewers of beer” by Sarah Zoellick. 16 February 2013.

KHON2: “Lawmakers want to rid Iolani Palace of parking spaces” by Brianne Randle. 4 February 2013.

Honolulu Star-Advertiser: “Hawaii should prepare now for driverless vehicles” by Reps. Gene Ward and K. Mark Takai. 22 January 2013.

Civil Beat: “FACT CHECK — Gene Ward: Solar Only A Tiny Portion of Oahu’s Grid” by Sophie Cocke. 1 January 2013.

Civil Beat: “Is A ‘Cyber-Pearl Harbor’ In Our Future?” by Rep. Gene Ward. 21 November 2012.

KHON2: “Slew of accidents in Hawaii Kai prompts calls for solutions” by Marisa Yamane. 16 October 2012.

Honolulu Star Advertiser: “Legislature should study tax policy, not tax hikes” by Rep. Gene Ward. 3 October 2012.

Ka Leo (University of Hawaii at Manoa): “Peace is not just the absence of war” by Caitlin Kuroda. 1 October 2012.

Honolulu Star Advertiser: “Foodland should go to Kalama Valley” 23 July 2012.

Civil Beat: “Minority Legislators Played Key Role in Environmental Protection” 4 June 2012.

Hawaii News Now: “Google ready to test ‘hands off’ vehicle” by Jim Mendoza. 9 May 2012.

KHON2: “Legislative session wraps up last day” by Gina Mangieri. 3 May 2012.

Civil Beat: “Oshiro’s Top 10 Reasons to Pass Budget” by Chad Blair. 3 May 2012.

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