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Rep. Ward’s November 2012 Newsletter


November 2012 Newsletter

Better Government – Rep. Ward Interviews New Legislators


Rep. Ward welcomes Representatives Bob McDermott (Ewa, Ewa Beach) and Richard Fale (North Shore, Laie) to the House of Representatives.



Is A ‘Cyber-Pearl Harbor’ In Our Future?


In this post-9/11 world, cyberattacks are a new tool in our enemies’ arsenals, whether at home or abroad. Just last month, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta warned of a potential “cyber-Pearl Harbor that would cause physical destruction and the loss of life, an attack that would paralyze and shock the nation and create a profound new sense of vulnerability.”


More recently, in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said “If you think that a critical systems attack that takes down a utility even for a few hours is not serious, just look at what is happening now that Mother Nature has taken out those utilities.”


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