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Google ready to test ‘hands off’ vehicle


This week, Nevada issued the first license in the U.S. to test Google’s self-driving vehicles on public roads.


State House Rep. Gene Ward wants Hawaii to do the same.


“It’s probably the safest and best place to test it,” he said. “Instead of an HOV lane, you could have a driverless car lane, where the computers keep the speed, the integration, the outgoing and the incoming in the traffic. It could be running just like a mass transit train.”


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Rep Ward addresses the state budget


“If this was a family and we were on the kitchen table and we said ‘Here’s our budget,’ the question would be, would we break out the champagne?”



Legislative session wraps up last day


“We made it through,” said Rep. Gene Ward, (R) House minority leader. “We haven’t done any harm, but we also haven’t made it out of the woods. The budget grows again next year by an amount that we’re not sure if the variables of tourism slump and the Council on Revenues slump, we’re not sure where that money is going to be coming from.”


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Oshiro’s Top 10 Reasons to Pass Budget


Minority Leader Gene Ward said he supported the budget, but said lawmakers should be mindful of issues on the horizon that are not so “hunky-dory.” They include the unknowns of the price of gas, the Iran-Israel dispute and the presidential election.


The outcome of those events could impact Hawaii negatively, especially in the tourism industry. Ward said Hawaii had not “grown the pie” to help the state’s economy survive during future downturns.


The budget deserves not a champagne toast, said Ward, but a beer toast.


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