Hawaii’s Hostile Business and Tax Climate Garners Poor Ranking in New Entrepreneurial Index


House Minority Leader Gene Ward, (R-Hawaii Kai), who co-chairs the Legislative Small Business Caucus, said while the issue is taxes, fees are getting a free lunch with this report.


“Take the increase in the vehicle registration and weight tax increases of the past year that have created ‘sticker shock’ for my constituents. So too this year, fee increases in the banking and insurance sectors are going to be astronomical and the price of paradise will go up again in a few months, while politicians brag that there were no tax increases in the 21012 Legislative Session. Shakespeare said it best, ‘A rose by any other name is still a rose’……….fees are simply taxes, but spelled differently,” Ward said.


For the rest of the article, visit http://www.hawaiireporter.com/hawaiis-hostile-business-and-tax-climate-garners-poor-ranking-in-new-entrepreneurial-index/123


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