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Representatives Thielen and Ward Address Part of SB 2394


The purpose of SB 2394 SD1 HD2 is to (1) Authorize the DCCA to enforce certain federal laws that protect military members and their families from abusive lending practices and (2) Create a mortgage loan purchase program within Hawaii housing finance and development corporation (HHFDC) to purchase mortgages from qualifying consumers who are facing foreclosure — similar to part of HB 2103 HD2, the State Bank bill.



Representatives Ward and Morikawa Honor the U.S. Navy for its Stewardship in Hawaii


HR 180 – Honoring the United States Navy for Strong Environmental Stewardship in Hawaii.



Rep. Ward Addresses SB 2655 – Portable Electronics Insurance


SB 2655 establishes provisions for the sale of portable electronics insurance and requires vendors to hold a limited lines license to sell or offer coverage under a policy.



Rep. Ward addresses HB304 – State Finances


HB 304 allows the Department of Budget and Finance to enter into agreements with other bond issuers to pool bond allocations.



State-owned bank would put risks on taxpayers By Rep. Gene Ward


Arguably, one of the worst bills to be introduced and passed through the 2012 legislative process so far is a proposal to create a State of Hawaii Bank.


It would be owned by taxpayers and operated by the state bureaucracy and governed by elected officials. Its primary purpose, as outlined in House Bill 2103, HD2, would be to purchase toxic mortgages and foreclosures on properties in the state of Hawaii.


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State House advances $11.1 billion budget


Minority Leader Gene Ward (R, Kalama Valley-Hawaii Kai) lamented what he called “hidden” aspects of the budget.


“Behind this budget are a lot of fees that are propping up this budget, fees that we don’t see but fees that are quite large,” he said.


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Lawmakers wind up with more from mostly favorable revenues forecast


Lawmakers say they’re hesitant to pledge the possible extra money on spending measures. Things like an oil price spike could impact tourism; federal spending is in flux while tensions between Iran and Israel mount.


“Given these three clouds on the horizon are so threatening, it’s good news, but let’s wait and see and not get too excited about it,” said House Minority Leader Gene Ward.


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