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Better Government With Representatives Marumoto and Ward – Feb 2012


Representatives Marumoto and Ward talk about a typical session.



State Bank Set Up is Costly, Bureaucratic


There needs to be proper vetting in order avoid burdening the state with more costly bureaucracy and a huge infrastructure startup cost. Presently, there is no detailed business plan that addresses any of the implementation issues (startup time and diversion of funds; unknown funding source; state liability; policy conflict of social good versus profits; tying up of public funds, etc).


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Rep. Ward Opposing HB 2103


On February 17, Rep. Ward again spoke against HB 2103, which would establish a state bank.



Representative Ward Discusses the UH Library & Information Science Program


Rep. Gene Ward, Ph.D. talks with Andrew Wertheimer, Ph.D., associate professor and LIS program chair, Library & Information Science Program; and Scott Robertson, associate professor of ICS, HICHI lab director.



Rep. Gene Ward addresses vital records fee increases


Rep. Gene Ward addresses fee increses for birth certificates, marriage licenses and other vital records.



Rep. Gene Ward Addresses H.B. No. 1699, Relating to Labor


Rep. Gene Ward addresses H.B. No. 1699, which requires employers to provide meal breaks for employees who work more than a total of five hours a day and imposes penalties for failure to provide meal breaks.



The Week That Was: Feb. 6-10, 2012


Representative Ward talks about the best bill of the week and the worst bill of the week.



Rep. Gene Ward Rising in Opposition to HB 2103, Relating to the Bank of the State of Hawaii


Representative Ward presenting arguments against establishing a state bank, including the findings of a Massachusetts study, opposition by the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, politicization, and the over $3 billion the bank would need.



A Better Day Coming for Hawaii?


“Though collectively we represent over a quarter million people in our various districts, we speak for the people in the entire state who want a more viable alternative to single-party rule, back-door politics and opaque policies that have caused every man, woman, and child to be indebted for $25,000 to their state government for pension and health benefit liabilities. Put simply, Hawaii has not lived up to the economic and educational expectations of its citizens and needs to be put on a recovery program.”


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Rep. Ward Addresses Internet Sales HB1634


Representative Ward speaks out against an Internet sales tax.