Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-16

  • My opening statement as chair of GOP convention: We have the wind at our backs. It is up to us from this day forward to make a difference. #
  • To male GOP House candidates – I'll give up my private caucus bathroom for you. #
  • Now introducing Gov. Lingle as someone that has been handcuffed at least 95 times by the Legislature by bills to limit executive powers. #
  • Gov. Lingle to be remembered as the Clean Energy Governor because of her great efforts to build a sustainable Hawaii. #
  • Gov. Lingle and I both say that Hawaii would benefit from a real two-party system. Right now, Dems control 90% of the government. #
  • RT @ddepledge: Gov. praises the values based, instead of issues-based GOP platform, saying that people who best adapt to change survive. #
  • Gov. Lingle reminds GOP that there's nothing wrong with saying no. Every parent knows that sometimes you have to say NO. #
  • Gov. Lingle says Aiona understands the state budget much better than Abercrombie who never says how he'll pay for the programs he promises. #
  • Judging by the budget and tax increases we passed this session, we can't afford new programs without raising taxes again. #
  • RT @ddepledge: Former state Sen. Matsuura, a Democrat, introduces Lt. Gov. Aiona to the convention as crowd chants "Duke!" "Duke!" "Duke!" #
  • RT @ddepledge: Lt. Gov. said he has seen a `troubling undercurrent' of people in the community afraid to publicly support a GOP candidate. #
  • RT @ddepledge: Lt. Gov. Aiona: "This system, based on fear and intimidation, is not something we can allow to remain and fester." #
  • @gophawaii Thanks! in reply to gophawaii #
  • RT @ddepledge: State Republicans approve a resolution urging Gov. Lingle to veto the civil-unions bill. #
  • @peterkay Great job today … Looking forward to working with you as we move toward November! #

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