Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-02

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  • In an effort to block a GOP Floor Amend. to further extend VEBA, House Dems kill VEBA extension and force HSTA members into EUTF immediately #
  • House discussing a bill to increase penalties for shark feeding … This should help with compliance and enforcement. #
  • This bill tells tour operators that they're welcome to run their businesses if they're following the rules. #
  • Violators can now have their vessels impounded for feeding sharks. #
  • House discussing raiding hurricane relief fund to end furlough fridays #
  • We need the money to get the kids back in school but we should pay it back #
  • We have funds to repay HHRF, and judging from the C&C HNL's budget details/wkshts, taking 20% of TAT wouldn't necessitate tax hikes. #
  • House discussing 2000% barrel tax increase. #
  • 60% of respondents to my end of session survey said we should not raise gas taxes even for clean energy initiatives. #
  • Only $8 mil of this gas tax increase will go directly to food and energy security. This bill only gives lip service to sustainability. #
  • Sustainability not a priority for this legislature. Killed clean energy bonds & took 60% of tax increase from clean energy for general fund #
  • Hawaii consumers already pay at least 60 CENTS PER GALLON in gas taxes. Minimal gas tax increases add up. #
  • @TimLussier thanks! in reply to TimLussier #
  • RT @ddepledge: Ward: "Let's be creative and innovative … with incentives, not just tax, tax, tax." (GP) #
  • Hse session restarting to vote on motion to bring 444 back to the floor. #
  • Civil unions bill brought back to the floor. House now voting to agree or disagree with Senate amendments. #
  • RT @ddepledge: Rep. Ward said civil-union debate on the last day of session is untimely and unfair. "Mr. Speaker, it's time to go home." #
  • RT @repward: RT @ddepledge: Rep. Ward said civil-union debate on the last day of session is untimely and unfair. (cont) #
  • Civil unions should be put to a direct vote by the people not a vote by this body alone. #
  • RT @DaRightSide: Marcus Oshiro tipping everyone off of fatal flaw of an effective date (Jan. 1,2010) wh/is why Gov will be forced to veto. #
  • RT @hsbpolitics: House votes 31-20 to pass HB444 on final reading, sending it up to governor #

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