Balanced Budget Interactive Worksheet

Aloha and Welcome to the Hawaii House Republican Balanced Budget Interactive Worksheet!


This is the first time an interactive online budget has been available for the people of Hawaii to scrutinize state revenues and expenditures and be able to manipulate them with the click of a mouse.


Before you begin, please know that countless staff hours were spent sifting through 3 budgets (Governor’s, House’s and Senate’s) before designing this six-year balanced budget.


We picked the best parts of all three budgets and have highlighted in yellow all revenues and expenses we used to balance the budget. All you have to do is put an “X” next to the yellow highlighted choices on the worksheets and click to see how the House Republican Caucus chose to balance the budget without raising taxes, (and you’ll see all of the “job killing” tax increases in the worksheets we passed up).


We strongly believe that no one should be able to tell the people of Hawaii that they have no choice but to raise taxes. There are choices and these worksheets provide real numbers taken from real budgets.


Now, click on the link below and begin creating your own budget for the State of Hawaii and let us know if you agree or disagree with the choices we have made. Of course, if you disagree, you can always click other choices and see how they change the ending balances.


Six Year Financial Plan Worksheet

The House Minority Caucus’ choices are highlighted

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