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Coast Guard Auxiliary Meeting on February 16

Coast Guard Auxiliary Flyer

Frequently Requested Numbers

City and County of Honolulu information line: 768-4385 Web site
City and County of Honolulu Office of the Mayor 523-4141 Web site
City & County Section 8 (Low income housing): 523-4266
County of Kaua‘i Office of the Mayor: 241-6300 Web site
County of Maui Office of the Mayor: 270-7855 Web site
County of Hawai‘i Office of the Mayor: 961-8223 Web site
Social Security Office:  541-3600

Birth, death, marriage, divorce certificates (Department of Health): 586-4539 Web site
General Excise Tax information (Department of Taxation): 587-1455 Web site
Hawai‘i Public Housing Authority information: 587-3435 Web site
     Section 8 (Low income housing): 832-6040 Web site
Highways & roads maintenance (Department of Transportation): 831-6714 Web site
Homeless Programs: 832-5930 Web site
Medquest information (Department of Human Services): 586-5390 Web site
Name Change (Lt. Governor’s office): 586-0255 Web site
State Identification (Attorney General’s office):  587-3111 Web site
     State Identification – Maui: 243-5796
     State Identification – Kaua`i: 247-3100
     State Identification – West Hawai`i: 327-4953
     State Identification – East Hawai`i: 974-6262
State Library (Main Branch): 586-3500 Web site
State Operator: 586-2211
Tax Refund (Department of Taxation): 587-1660 Web site
Vector Control: 483-2535 Web site
Board of Education: 586-3332 Web site