Background Information on the Possible Naming of Barack Obama Birthplace Park

On January 2, the Honolulu Advertiser printed an article headlined “Hawaii considering new holidays, parks to honor Obama.” The article left out important information, and Rep. Gene Ward wrote the following letter for the editor to clarify a few things:


The Advertiser article (1-02-10) regarding the possible naming of Barack Obama Birthplace Park located at the edge of Kuliouou and Hawaii Kai left out some important background information.


The introducer of the House Resolution was Rep. Lyla Berg and the author of the idea behind the resolution was the Hawaii Kai Neighborhood Board, namely its chair, Greg Knudsen, not me as the article implied.


Rep. Berg and I represent this area, and in a spirit of bi-partisanship we agreed to collaborate on the measure. So she introduced HR 77 on March 4, 2009. Since then, the resolution has been bottled up in the Tourism/Water Land Committees and has never had a public hearing.


Rep. Gene Ward

Hawaii Kai-Kalama Valley

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